Is there any way for the community help encourage exchanges to adopt avax?


I was late to the party getting involved and missed the initial sale of coins.

As someone living in California, it’s been a real hassle buying enough AVAX to stake my validator. After tons of experimentation, I found I could do it buy using CoinBase to buy ETH, sending it to, and then swapping ETH for AVAX. It took me a long time to get this system figured out and set up but even having done it successfully, every time I do it again it’s an error prone and time consuming process.

I’ve written to coinbase my wish that they would natively support AVAX. Is this sort of thing at all helpful? If we got more people in the community to do the same, do we believe it would it help? Are there other exchanges which are better candidates?

When it’s this hard to buy coins, it’s hard to grow our community beyond the set of people who joined in July.

Yes, US exchanges are coming very soon. Current timeline means that we will basically have exhausted all US portals by end of Q1 2021.


Assuming “exhausted” means the exchanges have implemented avax… great news! Thanks

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