Interface concept for governance

Hello !

I had some time yesterday and I had fun to make a concept of interface for the governance of the Avalanche consensus. Just to potentially give some ideas for the development of the governance platform. And give you my vision of governance.

My idea would be that each staked avax gives at the beginning of next month 1 a vote with a derived token. This allows to vote on several proposals that can be selected to be approved or not the next month (if not used at the end of the month they are burned). The selection process could perhaps be reached with a threshold or with community representatives elected by the community for a certain amount of time (like political representatives, these could receive incentives).

Each month you can also vote for or against a proposal of the current month (see process described above about the selection of them). In this case you need to have a minimum of avax staked last month to vote (yes or no).

Don’t hesitate to give me feedback. This is also how I improve my work. And thanks for answering me Gün, really nice of you :wink:

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