! [INFORMATION] ! Updated - 15/02 10:00 AM GMT - Avalanche ecosystem is healthy - Bridge is up - Several exchanges are up!


This information applies to the different posts about issues posted yesterday and today.


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The team is ready with the fix, and will attempt to bring the network back to a healthy state. The bug was in the glue code between Ethereum VM and Avalanche network that put the network in a faulty state. It was not a fundamental error with design, protocol or anything like that. All the funds and state is preserved and safe.

ETA to recovery still not available, we’ll keep you updated. Things need to be triple checked before we proceed.

A fully detailed post mortem with all the gory details will be available once the seas are calm and everyone well and rested.


Some updates :


What is the ETA of the avalanche ethereum bridge (aeb.xyz) ? Is there any other way to use the bridge (e.g. manually calling the contracts ?)

There isn’t any other way at the moment

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About Exchanges platform ( Deposit or Withdrawal ), Information was communicated to them to update their nodes.

As soon as, their upgrade will be done, everything will be back to normal.

On Avalanche side, the network is now fully healthy since yesterday.

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Is the X-Xhain to C-Chain cross-chain transfers available? I only see P-chain option on cross-chain transfer screen.

If you are using a ledger, you won’t see the C chain cross option.
Ledger support for C chain is under development and should be soon released :slight_smile:

I still cannot see the C chain and I want to provide liquidity to Pangolin but cannot transfer avax


Don’t use Ledger on C-Chain for the moment.

Only Avax wallet and Metamask.

When I mentioned soon to be released, I should have say in the coming weeks to avoid confusion :slight_smile: