Incorrect Transfer

Hi everyone
I purchased 1 AVAX on Binance and transfered to MetaMask using the Avax C-chain when the coin arrived it was a WAVAX, I did a similar transaction the previous night and all was OK.
I do have a pending deposit on the C-Chain which requires 1 avax to cancel the transaction.

I then went to swap the WAVAX on trader Joes but has been qued and has been stuck for 9+ hours.

Any help to get this sorted would be appreciated.

WAVAX is wrapped AVAX (AVAX wrapped as an ERC20 token)
But you need avax for gas, not WAVAX.

You transaction are stuck because you have no gas no pay for them.
If you had you could swap wavax to avax… but need gas for that as well. Chicken… Egg…

So somehow you need to get some avax to get out of this.

One way to do it is to transfer from binance to the X-chain and then export to the C-Chain using the avax wallet

I am not sure why binance would sent wavax, maybe there is a more direct way.