Import Export Chain Wallet Improvements

Is there any ongoing research on improving the user-friendly aspect of the Avalanche wallet?

I understand the differences between C P and X chains however I think it will be more consumer friendly to have an automated version if i want to delegate funds on my X chain.

I would need to move them to the P chain and then I will be allowed to delegate rather then the system automatically doing that itself.

This problem most presents itself in the environment of buying avax off an exchange (binance etc.) moving it to the x chain then having to convert to c chain. Opening up metamask and interacting with dApps instead of a direct binance to metamask type of deal.

I am a fullstack developer so looking to assist to help solve this potential issue in anyway I can.


Yes we are working on a new wallet that will automate and hide complexities.


Very excited! Good luck, wish you all the best.

Are there any updates on new wallet? Thanks.