Ideas for the Mobile Wallet

I use a lot of currencies when paying for things and as it happens when I pay in EUR the card automatically takes our EUR and when I pay in USD the same applies and it takes USD.

So imagine having an app with various tokens like metamask has now. If my shop accepts say a token for payment to take that token out.

Now imagine if each country had a digital currency, for instance the EURc and the USDc and the YENc etc, and applying the same concept.

In an ideal world the payment should be seamless with a terminal which is always connected. I have experience in over 4 terminals, the best by far are the new ones which work through a small smartphone tablet devices as they are always connected.

In order to speed through the process. We could create an app for the merchant and an app for the customer. The customers app would be like today’s metamask, but simpler, allowing customers to pick their choice of currency to spend or have it set to default currency.

The merchant app would allow customers to tap the mobile device and pay for their goods, as contact-less does but faster.

Once you have both apps then you can work on adding digital currencies like usdc and having talks with different countries to digitize their currencies.

Then you would have a clear winner. To make it even more as a winner you could develop an app to allow other interoperable tokens like DOT do the same thing and have those companies pay in AVAX.

If we pioneer into doing something first, others copy but institutions always take note of front runners.

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