Idea discussion

Hey guys!

I’m part of a team of builders and we finally want to seriously get involved in blockchains besides just speculating on different coins. Currently, I’m looking around different communities to see what kind of useful thing we could build. I would be happy about any input :slight_smile:

Games, decentralized games that allow people to host their servers on a world wide ecosystem, gain tokens that can be then used in the game.

The game itself should be a massively multi-player game which you connect to and register using 1 avax and you are able to buy cosmetics (non pay to win) using the game currency for cheaper or avax. The game currency can be farmed in game and will be used as governance to decide the games direction and various proposals.

Later on once the subnets are developed, this can be expanded to work with avax ^ in a sense proof of hosting (proof of stake) each server (validator) will be able to provide a warning before they go down as it will be hosted by the community, the development will be able to gather way more funding as the community will now be part of the development/hosting/infrastructure for it. Various minigames can be developed by other developers and players.

I am thinking of creating something akin to runescape on the internet of value.

That is an epic idea! Why would you choose the Avalanche network for this? Could you imagine which advantages this could have for the development?

Subnets. Read the whitepaper regarding it as it will allow the easy creation of such a token mechanic. So not only would the incentives to support the game come from people who like the game but also from general avax users, who just want to earn something.

And validators can chose if they don’t want to offer us any assistance or they do.

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