I want to sell my NFT but I don't know how

How do I sell my NFT please

Bumping this. I would love to now too

You would love to buy?

What a thread :joy:
You can consider this a second bid.

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How do I show it to you? So you can see it before you buy

You could drop your WhatsApp number or a way of contacting you

This is it. What’s your bid?

Starting from $550

The PanGuardianPanGuardian of Planet Avaxis. Ability to summon the Pangolin Beast. Blessed with enhanced speed. Can blend with shadows and is a master negotiator. Created to defend against Planet Avaxis’ worst enemy - CentraliZation.

$1670 for PanGuardianPanGuardian of Planet Avaxis

Okay, it’s a good deal. Let’s finish up on WhatsApp +2348178333250 or Twitter @josh_osemobo