I sent Avax from Binance in the Avalanche wallet c Chain

Hello. I sent Avax from Binance to Avax walet pin C chain, in Binance it shows me success and in avax they didn’t arrive! This is from 5 days ago. Can I recover them?

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You can’t directly send AVAX from Binance to your C chain wallet.

Doing this operation will send your AVAX on Binance Smart Chain ( BSC ) as BEP20 token.

You will have to send them back to Binance then send them to correct X chain address.

You have to load your Avalanche wallet in Metamask.

  • In your Avalanche wallet, click on " Manage Keys " tab then " View C Chain Private Key "
  • Copy the key and import it in Metamask ( => Import account )

You will now have the same 0x address in both Wallet and Metamask.

Then, add custom RPC and mention the following :

Network Name : BSC
RPC URL : https://bsc-dataseed.binance.org
ChainID: 0x38, 56 in decimal (if 56 doesn’t work, try 0x38)
Symbol: BNB
Block Explorer: https://bscscan.com

Then on BSC RPC add token, custom token and mention the following token contract ( AVAX on BSC )


You should now see your AVAX.

To get them back on Binance, you will have to send some BNB on your address ( to pay the fees )

Then on Binance, click deposit → AVAX → BEP20 ( BSC ) => it will mention you a 0x like address

!!! Don’t send them back to binance using AVAX network !!! as your tokens are currently on BSC

Finally, to get your AVAX on Avalanche => Withdraw → Avax → Avax network ( this time ) and send them to the X-AVAX1 address of your Avalanche wallet ( https://wallet.avax.network )

In the wallet, cross chain X → C then you can send your AVAX on metamask.

If you are not sure and blocked at any step, to avoid doing something incorrect => contact me on telegram ( https://t.me/Ponay_Avangers ) :slight_smile:

ALWAYS DO YOUR FIRST TRANSACTION with a small amount of tokens in case of mistakes, it will avoid you lot of troubles



Thank you for this, I was able to recover my funds!

Holy shit! You’re a life saver! Appreciate your help! :pray:

Hello Ponay,

Is that even possible for a dumbass who sent AVAX from avalanche wallet to binance via C-Chain ?
(which is not supported by binance, so my funds are just lost for the moment)
I’m dissapointed, I’ve send a ticket to binance customer service, but it doesn’t seem to be helpful??


Same question, i’ve sent my Avax from Metamask directly to binance using C Chain.
Obciously didnt receive anything on binance, but my binance adress, on c chain, did receive the avax. I just can’t acess them, or don’t know how

Me too, I contacted Binance about it - they said they cant retrieve the funds. :frowning:

obrigado graças a vcs conseguir reculperar meus fundos, apenas tive dificuldade no blckchain explore e o outro endereço url a binance mudou se vcs atualizar concerteza ajudarar mais pessoas…

I did this but i used KuCoin to send to my coinbase wallet. Any help on how to restore the funds?

I’m in the same situation here. Sent from metamask to binance smart chain. Is there nothing we can do? :pensive:

Thanks sooo much, found my coins again.

Hello, so I sended Avax from Binance straight to Metamask wallet and it arrived after few hours and somehow resended to another adress. How can i recover it? Address 0x92c822e13a75577c4afb4f502980e78e8dc1ece9 | SnowTrace


Please help!

Thank you Ponay_avengers for a splendid answer!

But I still have problem seeing my miss-sent AVAX.
I can see in Snowtrace that the funds were sent to the same address as my Avalance wallet now in Metamask.

AVAX sent to my 0x… address
0x… address shows in Metamask
Funds of BNB and AVAX shows in Metamask. Both 0.

Where did I go wrong?
Why can I not see the funds on that address, my wallet?

Greatful for any help!

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Same here please let us know my details of transfer



Thank your for this message , I solve this error.

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Does this process work in the other way too? Sent usdt.e from Avax/Metamask to binance.com

I made same issue yesterday. I sent usdt.e from avax c chain to binance. (BEP20 address).
I can see the amount at the address. but Binance doesn’t show the usdt.e.
Is there any way to recover it?
I can’t wait until that Binance supports USDT.e on Avax c chain.

I have similar issue but I sent JOE from an exchange and directly to my Avalanche Mainnet C-Chain wallet address. Is there anyway I can recover JOE please? Thank you!

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