I sent Avax from Binance in the Avalanche wallet c Chain

Hello. I sent Avax from Binance to Avax walet pin C chain, in Binance it shows me success and in avax they didn’t arrive! This is from 5 days ago. Can I recover them?

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You can’t directly send AVAX from Binance to your C chain wallet.

Doing this operation will send your AVAX on Binance Smart Chain ( BSC ) as BEP20 token.

You will have to send them back to Binance then send them to correct X chain address.

You have to load your Avalanche wallet in Metamask.

  • In your Avalanche wallet, click on " Manage Keys " tab then " View C Chain Private Key "
  • Copy the key and import it in Metamask ( => Import account )

You will now have the same 0x address in both Wallet and Metamask.

Then, add custom RPC and mention the following :

Network Name : BSC
RPC URL : https://bsc-dataseed.binance.org
ChainID: 0x38, 56 in decimal (if 56 doesn’t work, try 0x38)
Symbol: BNB
Block Explorer: https://bscscan.com

Then on BSC RPC add token, custom token and mention the following token contract ( AVAX on BSC )


You should now see your AVAX.

To get them back on Binance, you will have to send some BNB on your address ( to pay the fees )

Then on Binance, click deposit → AVAX → BEP20 ( BSC ) => it will mention you a 0x like address

!!! Don’t send them back to binance using AVAX network !!! as your tokens are currently on BSC

Finally, to get your AVAX on Avalanche => Withdraw → Avax → Avax network ( this time ) and send them to the X-AVAX1 address of your Avalanche wallet ( https://wallet.avax.network )

In the wallet, cross chain X → C then you can send your AVAX on metamask.

If you are not sure and blocked at any step, to avoid doing something incorrect => contact me on telegram ( https://t.me/Ponay_Avangers ) :slight_smile:

ALWAYS DO YOUR FIRST TRANSACTION with a small amount of tokens in case of mistakes, it will avoid you lot of troubles



Thank you for this, I was able to recover my funds!

Holy shit! You’re a life saver! Appreciate your help! :pray:

Hello Ponay,

Is that even possible for a dumbass who sent AVAX from avalanche wallet to binance via C-Chain ?
(which is not supported by binance, so my funds are just lost for the moment)
I’m dissapointed, I’ve send a ticket to binance customer service, but it doesn’t seem to be helpful??


Same question, i’ve sent my Avax from Metamask directly to binance using C Chain.
Obciously didnt receive anything on binance, but my binance adress, on c chain, did receive the avax. I just can’t acess them, or don’t know how

Me too, I contacted Binance about it - they said they cant retrieve the funds. :frowning:

obrigado graças a vcs conseguir reculperar meus fundos, apenas tive dificuldade no blckchain explore e o outro endereço url a binance mudou se vcs atualizar concerteza ajudarar mais pessoas…