I have sent ETH from c-chain to erc20 address (via MetaMask) by huge mistake

After I decided to finish my liquidity pool activity, I wanted to sent my coins to my exchange account. As I don’t have enough knowledge on sending from C-chain, I wanted to complete it with ETH and swapped all of coins to ETH. But I was still at C-Chain network, and ordered a transaction to ERC-20 address by huge mistake. The coins of course did not reached to the exchange. Any ideas?

The insteresting part for me is that transaction looks success. You can view at:


So if I correctly understand you sent 0,44 ETH ( Avalanche ETH ) to this address " 0x9ed7D0912C107E04428755A7Cd80aF96ddEF7Ca4 ", is it right ?

is this address " 0x9ed7D0912C107E04428755A7Cd80aF96ddEF7Ca4 " your ETH Binance one ?


Yep, that’s correct. I am unfamilliar to metamask interface and that’s why I did such an extreme mistake.

You will have to contact Binance and ask them to revert these ETH funds back to your metamask.

Following the case, they can do it freely or it might cost something like 0,005 BTC and a bit of time…

For someone having access to the private key of this address, it is just to connect on the C chain avalanche and execute a transaction, nothing difficult for them.

I have explained the situation to them too. Now I’m waiting for a response.
However, Thank you very much Dear Ponay_Avengers for interesting to this matter.
I will inform you from here about the progress, in any case.

Best Regards.


How did you approach binance? And have you heard anything back from them?


I have approached them from Binance Support Chat menu.
I wrote as the attached files, in addition; I have sent them screenshots of my metamask interface with the mistaken transaction as well as sent them a screenshot of C-Chain transaction page. I have also provided some explanations on the screenshots in case of an unfamilliar person would not understand the situation completely.
But… No response yet. At least, a time remaining indicator of binance support would be great. Or if I know my funds would return in a given date. Uncertainity is really sucks and it looks like it continues for many days… I’m here guys, I will share with you this experience till the end. Maybe some other people may make the same mistake (hope they will not) and find this page.

Thank you for your friendly comments so far.

@Chag005 I have made a similar mistake with Avax C-Chain. I am about to loose my hope from Binance support. Have you got any answer? What was the result?. Is it resolved?.

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No, the support chat led me to fill a form. I followed their instructions but unfortunately, there is no proper options for this situation. I mean, for mistaken ethereum transactions; there are only three network options such as ERC-20, BRC–20 and the other one. There’s no way to describe my issue via that form so I restarted the chat over again. I’ll see…

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Today binance support clearly concluded that these funds are not salvable.
Thay said that:

Your inputed address for the transaction is corrected. but Binance did not support the network you used. In this case, we are sorry. We are afraid that we could not support

Thanks for everyone who tried to support me in this forum. I have shared this as a notification for everyone. Please be careful and don’t hesitate for making a transaction.

@Chag005 I have created a hashtag on twitter #binance_victims. Please also share your issue there. In time there might be enough people so that they might try to help instead of ignoring.

yeah I like the idea but we need a lot of support for that