I don't know where my AVAX has gone please help! urgent

I tried to send money to BINANCE - from the avax wallet
I entered the wallet number correct - it kept saying “Missing UTXO”

Then I log in and log out and then sudden;y my balance is 0 and there is an export at a time I don’t even recognize

When I click on it, I see this - https://explorer.avax.network/tx/28uAFAT7VUTz7ks8mXkhBWDbzkoRb2975c7f7UhbuzsXjeagQ3

Can someone tell me what has happened? I don’t know where my AVAX has all gone and how to get it back


If you aren’t the author of this export transaction, it would mean that unfortunately someone in one way or another got your seeds and executed himself.

Following our discussion on Telegram, we can see the tokens are now on this address " https://cchain.explorer.avax.network/address/0x7872509b951971A2B0fc95F6c7C97A01E890Ff36/transactions "

There is unfortunately nothing we can do on our side to get back tokens on a wallet as soon as the trasanction is executed…


If you see the link now, you can see the AVAX that was hacked from my account has started to move to another account - someone hacked me right? Anything I can do about this?


You can see also that they started moving it in small batches, almost like testing something - then in the end he does a big movement of fees


As soon as a transaction is executed, it can’t be reverted.

As we discussed on Telegram, if you aren’t the one that executed these transactions, thus it means someone else did.

Unfortunately, on Avalanche side, there isn’t anything we could do for your case…

Sorry for your loss…