I crossed chain my AVAX from X-chain to C-chain but the balance is not shown

I had AVAX in my X-chain address: X-avax1ha5vc5jtghdk9j9rgezg4z5d0ecqmgq3em584m
I used “cross-chain” feature on https://wallet.avax.network/wallet/cross_chain and choose the “Destination Chain” as C-chain.
I thought the balance will go to my Contract Chain address which is 0xabd121678497bf4e72f32bb56ad76a30e038d009

The transaction was successful, but strangely, now all of my X,P,C addresses are empty.
This is the transaction history:
I checked the Exported output and turned out it is “C-avax1ha5vc5jtghdk9j9rgezg4z5d0ecqmgq3em584m”, but where can I access this address??

Can someone explain to me how this system work?
I just want to move the AVAX into my 0xabd121678497bf4e72f32bb56ad76a30e038d009.

Never mind. I search through the forum and saw the solution.
From " Advanced" tab, choose Imported C and then my balance is shown.

Don’t know why the system makes it so inconvenient like that, but welll…

It is because it happens in two steps. When step 1 succeeds but step 2 didn’t yet you get stuck and that can be fixed by pressing the import.

I think a big improvement for the wallet would be to detect this situation and do the import automatically or say something like, step 2 of the import didn’t happen yet, shall I retry? And you just press ok or cancel.

I just heard an update is coming which should prevent this error in the first place making the problem go away :partying_face: