I bridged ETH to AVAX but an hour later and no AVAX in METAMASK *RESOLVED*

//RESOLVED Solution in comments //

I used the avax bridge to bridge ETH to AVAX and have not received AVAX. The tranactions say it was successful.

I’ve used the bridge before and it worked fine, this time it seems to have lost my money even though it says it was successful.

I already have AVAX network on metamask.

This happend to anyone before? Its been an hour already.

So it appears the bridge turns ETH into WETH. The bridge automatically added WETH to my metamask on the ETH Network, but did not add WETH on the AVAX Network, therefore I didn’t know I had received anything.

I had to import the AVAX WETH contract address to the AVAX Network and the full amount of WETH appeared.

You can find the contract address by pasting your wallet address in snowtrace and copying the WETH address. They should add this to the documentation.

I then went to trader joes and swapped WETH for AVAX.

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Ok so i just wrapped my eth and they only appear in ethereun network on metamask now do i need to paste the ethereum network wallet adress or the avax network wallet adresse to the snowtrace website? and can i use pangolin after to trade weth for avax? thanks

I’m not sure what you’re talking about. I didn’t wrap my ETH myself, I just let the Avax Bridge do it for me and it automatically sent the WETH to my metamask AVAX network. Which is the same wallet address as my ETH network.

The ETH WETH and the AVAX WETH have different contract addresses.

I imported this address on my metamask AVAX network.

No i wrapped eth through bridge… but i solved my promblem i didnt had enough eth for the 2nd transaction the one who send your weth to the avax blockchain so i send some eth from my ledger and went through bridge again to send my weth to avax blockchain and the changed to weth.e and went through pangolin after to convert my weth.e to avax finally!!! Now im struggling on how to send my avax from avax metamask to avax wallet idk if anyone could tell me step so i dont lose my avax thanks in advance