How to withdraw AVAX to binance?

So, i sent avax from binance to avax wallet and then sent avax to pangolin via metamask. Now i have avax in my metamask. How do i get step by step avax back to avax wallet and then avax to binance exchange???


To send avax to an exchange from Metamask, you have to :

  • Send Avax on C chain from metamask to Avax wallet ( 470 / 21000 as gas )
  • Cross Chain C -> X in Avax wallet
  • Send your Avax to exchange address


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thank you :heart:

will my exchange then appear with avax network like it did when i sent avax from exchange.

because at the moment it only shows,
Deposit network






thanks ponay_avangers

i done the first 2 points.
Im on the third point, do i send avax to my exchange by “x” or “c” chain?

is the answer “x”

when i try to send by x chain it says this

  • Invalid address. You can only send to other X addresses.
  • Invalid address.
  • Not a valid address for this network.

I tried to send to my erc20 add in binace? is that even the right network??

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You have to send them to your AVAX address on Binance.

=> Deposit, select AVAX, copy the address you can use in avax wallet.

AVAX isn’t an ERC-20 token it can’t be sent to ETH address

yes thank you. il try that now