How to withdraw AVAX to binance?

So, i sent avax from binance to avax wallet and then sent avax to pangolin via metamask. Now i have avax in my metamask. How do i get step by step avax back to avax wallet and then avax to binance exchange???


To send avax to an exchange from Metamask, you have to :

  • Send Avax on C chain from metamask to Avax wallet ( 470 / 21000 as gas )
  • Cross Chain C -> X in Avax wallet
  • Send your Avax to exchange address



thank you :heart:

will my exchange then appear with avax network like it did when i sent avax from exchange.

because at the moment it only shows,
Deposit network






thanks ponay_avangers

i done the first 2 points.
Im on the third point, do i send avax to my exchange by “x” or “c” chain?

is the answer “x”

when i try to send by x chain it says this

  • Invalid address. You can only send to other X addresses.
  • Invalid address.
  • Not a valid address for this network.

I tried to send to my erc20 add in binace? is that even the right network??

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You have to send them to your AVAX address on Binance.

=> Deposit, select AVAX, copy the address you can use in avax wallet.

AVAX isn’t an ERC-20 token it can’t be sent to ETH address

yes thank you. il try that now

hello, i’ve been trying to send from my avax wallet to my binance account, but it didn’t worked from the x chain, so i’d tried with the c chain and it worked, but i think my avax are gone no where, can somebody help me ?

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now i understant how it work but is there a solution to refund my avax ? when i’d chosed my deposit adress i’d selected bsc adress, thinking binance didn’t have avax blockchain, now i lose a big part of my avax bag, is there a solution ?

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Hello, I sent avax c-chain to binance bep20(bsc) adress. Did I lose my tokens? :cry:

I have the same problem as you. have you solved that problem yet?

I too sent from AVAX c chain to my binance ERC20
I lost my fund is there any way i could retrieve or anybody done it before please guide.
And any update when will binance enable avax c chain