How to Run Avalanche at Home: Raspberry Pi 4

Watch the Video Tutorial

Thanks to our community member Berk Ozdogan for the contribution.

“How to Run Avalanche at Home” is a series produced by FireStorm, an Avalanche community member. The second episode of the series walks through how you can get a Raspberry Pi 4, overclock it, install Ubuntu on an SSD USB hard drive, and run an Avalanche node.


I’ve attempted this tutorial 5 times… Even right at the start using the Rpi image maker crashes my Laptop… Later it always comes up with errors that stump me. I tried to be careful entering commands. Unfortunately the margin for error on my part is too big. A working document with copy and paste commands would be much more appreciated. Trying to replicate what he’s typing in is hard (was there a space or not?). I liked the tutorial though… he did get faster and faster at the end which meant start… stop … start stop… rewind. A ready packaged binary file would be much appreciated. It would also help with Avalanche adoption. As building it isn’t working (for me). I’m off to build an Eth Staker now too.

The best place to go if you need help about specific issues you might have is over on Avalanche Discord. Come on over, we’ll try to help you out. Quite a few of us running on RasPi over there, too.

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