How to reverse the Wrapped Ether transfer?

Hi friends… I swapped in Pangolin then made a mistake by sending 1,7 ether from my Metamask wallet to Binance wallet.
The transaction was rejected by the Binance, as expected. I found the transaction on the C chain but how can i take it back to my Metamask wallet? I’d be appreciated if anyone helps.
Thanks in advance.


You can’t revert a transaction executed on a blockchain.

If it is marked as success the funds are sent to the receiver.

Binance doesn’t support C chain, so they can’t display your funds on the exchange.

If the ETH ( Avalanche type ) are now in Binance wallet, they are the only ones that could unlock the tokens.
Unfortunately, as they don’t support transactions on this chain, they normally won’t do it for the moment :confused:


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Hi Ponay,

Thanks so much for your detailed answer. As you mentioned, the transfer marked as “success” on the C chain.
I applied ‘Binance customer support’ several times but couldn’t get a proper response, as you mention that they don’t support C chain. They only sent me a message that “the application rejected”.

So, as far as i understand, if one day they support the C chain, they may unlock the wrapped ether into my spot wallet.

Thank you very much,
Best Regards

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Correct if they do one day.

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