How to have multiple AVAX accounts in the same ledger device?

Hello all,

Is there a way to have multiple accounts while using the same ledger device (thus, the same secret seed)? With other cryptos ledger supports this is usually possible, either by using their Ledger Live interface or by some slightly nerdier approach, like redefining the derivation path when creating the wallet file in Electrum.

Being able to separate the accounts is something very important for me as not only I share the same ledger with people of trust, but here in the jurisdiction I’m a subject of it’s quite important to keep track of the origins of your assets (your first purchase with fiat currency) for tax reasons. And this is quite neat for personal organization too, anyways.

So, is there a way?

Alternatively, if multiple accounts in ledger isn’t possible, is there a simple way to have multiple offline wallets, and create an offline system in which I can sign transactions and then broadcast them through an online system?

Thank you.

When you add a hardware wallet to metamask, you will be have the option to generate several sub wallets all derived fron your seed phrase l private key The problem is whoever has access to your ledger can spend all funds and if someone was your seed phrase she could steal all the funds from all the subwallets. You could also check multisig solutions like gnosis safe…

Yeah, I realized that. When I wrote this post I was thinking mainly in the X and P chains, though.

It seems all the action is happening in the C chain anyways. :slight_smile: So yeah, I’ll just use different addresses via metamask.