How to connect a Ledger to metamask but using the AVAX network

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I have been trying to connect my ledger nano S to meta-mask but on the AVAX network and been having a lot of connection issues where it just will not connect. Has anyone had these issues before and if so how were and if they had been resolved. It asks me to connect to ETH but never lets me choose AVAX. also I have installed the avax all on to the ledger and yes the firmware is up to date.

I think you need to add the avalanche network to your metamask. Here is an easy way to do that:

Search for avax. Make sure to add the mainnet and not the testnet.

Some time ago there was a bug in chrome, so if you are still having problems try firefox.

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just to let you know i have already added avax network to my ledger but how to add the ledger using avan to metamask is the thing

I think you are looking for “Connect hardware wallet”

That circle on the top right which looks like a logo is a button you can press. The logo represents the currently selected wallet.
It is a bit confusing.

If I misunderstood your question this might help (but they don’t show ledger + metamask):

The ledger as far as I know is just required to approve metamask transactions. I don’t have any Avax installed on my ledger, but I can still use the ledger to approve Avax transactions. e.g. to swap Avax to Time. When I approve the Avax transaction, I actually used the ETH app on the ledger to review and approve. Hope this helps.

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First link seems broken displaying “Page Not Found”


I replaced the link. Thanks.