How can Staking in Binance earns are greater than staking on a Validator?

Maybe it’s a silly question, but I’m a new investor in AVAX, still learning the Avalanche ecosystem
Thanks is advance


Not a silly question. Maybe they can offset it through trading fees generated. I’ve heard people speculate they intentionally dumped on the market to crash the price and buy back cheaper. No evidence of it that i’ve seen though so i’ll presume they’re being generous :slight_smile:

My guess; they need liquidity to offer leverage. I also guess trading activity on Margin markets is much higher than Spot.

(They also can stake those coins on a validator to earn the ‘base’ reward, and use the liquidity at the same time. Yes, these first steps are very similar to the mortgage crises!)

Man, this is going to end very bad. Better take all $$$ from these centralized exchanges

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