How can I transfer AVAX from Metamask to Binance


      I was able transfer from my Binance to AVAX-X to AVAX-C to Metamask. I tried to swap AVAX to Zero using Zero Exchange and swap AVAX to PNG, both of them got stuck and I have to try multiple times to cancel these transactions as they got stuck for a long time. 

Now I want to remove my AVAX out of my Metamask, How can I do this? I tried transferring from Metamask to AVAX-C. But as soon as I submit the transaction, I see the cancellation. I dont know what is going on.

I want to get out of this mess. Please help. Appreciate your help on this.

I am getting this error when I tried to transfer from my Metamask to AVAX-C

Error:[ethjs-query] while formatting outputs from
RPC ‘{value";{code:32603,“data”:
{“code”:32000,“message”:transaction underpriced"}}}’

I had the same issue - increase the gas fee and it should work (it worked for me ).


You have to mention the following gas ( 470/21000 ).
Also verify, you don’t click on max AVAX and kept some to pay the fees.


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Thank you, it worked.

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this is an important detail, coz metamask doesn’t put 470gwei by default. would be good to be mentioned in tutorials for metamask-avax connections.