Help with Pangolin/Metamask transaction not going through (resolved)

I’ve held AVAX for a while but I’m just now attempting to use the platform. I figured I’d start with Pangolin. I went through the Pangolin tutorials, set up my metamask wallet, transferred avax to it from my avax wallet (from the c chain). It arrived and everything appears correct in my metamask wallet. Under metamask network it says Avalanche c chain, and the correct amount of avax that I transferred to my metamask wallet. When I go to submit a transaction on Pangolin, everything appears like I’d expect. It tells me I need to select 225 GWEI, metamask automatically had that, I confirm my transaction and after 15 minutes my transaction hadn’t even been broadcasted.

I’m assuming I am the one doing something wrong but I don’t know where. I believe I am following the tutorials precisely. I’ve even double checked. Any advice?

ANSWER I resolved the issue. I googled before posting but I wasn’t googling the right thing or thoroughly enough. I had to reset my metamask wallet. Here is a link for anyone else that stumbles across this with the same issue.

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