Help! Sent WETH to AVAX Wallet

Hi all - new here. Can someone please help me? I sent WETH to my AVAX Wallet from the Ethereum Network on Metamask (I now realize I shouldn’t have done that). The transaction went through and I. put in the correct wallet address (confirmed on Snowtrace). However, I cannot see the WETH in my AVAX Wallet. It should be on the C-chain, but it isn’t there. I tried adding a token on AVAX, but that seems challenging. What should i do? How do i get my WETH back? TIA

You need to add the WETH token to the metamask avax network check this : Avalanche Bridge (AB) FAQ - Avalanche

UPDATE - I added my AVAX Wallet to my MetaMask account (main page, under “Account 1” dropdown, I added another account/wallet and then my WETH appeared. My friend explained this to me on the phone. I wanted to let everyone know on here. Prior to this, I had done what was suggested on this message board (add the WETH token to metamask, add it to the AVAX wallet, i checked SnowTracer, I added the wallet from SnowTracer to my AVAX. Nothing worked until my friend told me to add my AVAX Wallet to my MetaMask account. Seems odd since I opened my AVAX through MetaMask, but nonetheless, that was the solution. Cheers all!