Help me - I send ETH to Derived EVM Wallet Address

I think I made a mistake on the Wallet

I wanted to transfer ETH from my Metamask ETH address to Avalanche. I thought I had to transfer my ETH to the C Derived EVM Wallet Address. But I can’t see my ETH in order to send them to the Avalanche network. When I add the ETH token nothing appears. I don’t see my ETH. Can someone help me? How can I get my ETH back?

Here is my Derived EVM Wallet Address:

Hi there,

what happened here is that you sent your ETH to the mentioned ETH address. Check also here:

While the Avalanche C-Chain looks the same, it is NOT connected to the Ethereum network. A connection can only be achieved through a bridge but never directly.

So to get back your ETH do the following:

  1. Go to your avalanche Wallet -> “Manage Keys” -> “Show private keys”
  2. Copy the private key
  3. Go to MetaMask, click on “Import Account”
  4. Create a new account with the copied private key as seed. When connected to the Ethereum network this should give you access to your ETHs.

To get funds onto the AVAX network either use an exchange and the X-Chain for AVAX, or go through the aeb bridge. The later option can be fairly expensive though.

I hope this helped!

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Thank you for your help!

Unfortunately in Manage Keys I did not “show private Key”. but just “View Key Phrase” for Avax (X-avax…) address. I don’t have access to the private Key of the Ether address C 0x01513b556387f4d900745ccc6129cb47fc7a73b6.

Where can I find this private key for the Derived EVM Wallet Address?

Ah, well that doesn’t really make a difference. You can use that key phrase just as well, although you need to reset MetaMask for that or see here:

!!! Before you do that or reset MetaMask, make absolutely sure you have the seed phrase for your original wallet safely stored so you can restore that account later on !!!

If you do not want to mess with your MetaMask though, download some different wallet, e.g. Exodus and enter the phrase there on set up.

And just a recommendation; invest some time to learn about seed phrases/private keys, especially if you have a non-significant amount of tokens in your accounts. Always back up your private keys (best offline) and never share them with anyone, no matter what! Otherwise you are risking to permanently lose access to your funds. More can be found here, it’s worth reading through these articles:

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I understood what to do thank you. The problem is that the Key phrase is the AVAX X-avx address composed of 24 words. I need the Key phrase Derived EVM Wallet Address composed of 12 words and I don’t have it.

Metamask accepts both 12 and 24 words :slight_smile:

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In Metamask yes but not exodus. But everything is ok now. Thanks to you both.