Help! Lost/Missing Avax from Metamask to Avalanche wallet, “new account” with older transactions

Hope you can help!

I created my first Avalanche wallet with the C-chain public address 0x4e8c1981ef8389dc39e0c192f40bec18fd806e59 , last December 20, 2021. I transferred around 7.57 Avax from my Metamask wallet (Txn Hash 0xe6273766ff45f9fdb4dd8df09b2e77ac58e5a4a36420936359481aa592477858 ) unfortunately, I no longer see available tokens in my C, X and P chains.

I’ve also noticed suspicious transactions going in and out of my wallet even though I haven’t made any transactions at all. There were transactions history in the wallet, too, prior to the creation of my account last December 20.

Is the account hacked? Did I get scammed? How can I get back my Avax coins?

I think you got scammed. Sorry. Here is a similar post:

Hi @quasar

Thank you for the response. Too bad tho, I am aware I may no longer get the money back. But I would like to know how did it happen and where did I go wrong? I still want to stake coins using Avalanche wallet. However, I am not getting answers and support from Avalanche Telegram support and online chat support in I am losing confidence in this wallet.

“Avalanche Telegram support” and “” sounds like scammers to me. Looks like that is how they tricked you.

Notice there is no . between support and avax.
This is the real site:

I think they manipulated you to “generate” a wallet seed while in truth it was already generated by the scammers and set up to steal any funds entering the wallet. Maybe they sent you off to a fake wallet site to do that.

Never use that seed again.

The safest way to use avalanche (or any other crypto) is to buy a hardware wallet.
I use a ledger nano S. Never give anyone your private key or seed. And when you buy one you are instructed to not even let it touch your computer at any time but write it on paper instead. You can use it together with the official wallet and metamask. Buy it directly from ledger so nobody can tamper with it.

Also make sure to bookmark legit websites. People offering help in direct/private messages are likely scammers.

This is the legit wallet address:

But double check other sources to make sure, as is good practice.

Yes, I was actually suspicious too. But I did anyway hoping to find answers. They only care if there’s a fund in the wallet. If none, they will no longer respond. It all made sense to me after I’ve read your reply, thank you so much @quasar . Yes, I will no longer use the seed again.

I emailed first [email protected] I saw from Avalanche’s Twitter account, is this a legit email? I received an auto-response and that is how I got the link to their Telegram account. The Telegram group looks legit but someone named Joe who introduced himself as Avalanche admin offered help even before I was able to post my concern. I thought he was legit. I think he was only concerned if there’s a fund in the wallet as well. Since I did not add funds, he no longer responded.

So other than this forum, where can we actually get technical support?

This is the main avalanche site:

at the bottom are links to legit sources.
You can find a legit telegram group and discord there.

One common way to get scammed, which happend to you is people sending a direct message over telegram. The scammers look for people asking questions or joining groups as victims.

Then they sent you a private message pretending to be somebody else or to be some kind of helpdesk. They want to take the conversation private so nobody can warn you.

The best place for technical support if you can’t get it here is discord. (see link at bottom of main page) Make sure to search for your question to see if it is asked before because it can get busy there. Also make sure you ask in the right section.

In discord there are also scammer trying to get to you. Best defense is to disable the ability of others to send you direct messages. You probably also want to enhance your telegram privacy settings.

Be very distrustful of people sending direct messages.

Got it! Thank you so much @quasar

Do you have any idea how scammers can provide traders with a scam wallet, an old seed that you thought was newly created?

Not sure as I didn’t see it happen. Since they were already talking to you in a private chat I suspect they made you go to some bogus site. But here are some ways:

  • Sending you to a fake website which has bogus wallet generator
  • Tricking you into thinking you first need to go to a separate site to generate a seed.
  • Tricking you into installing something on your computer. If that happend you need to backup everything and do a factory reset of your computer (that will erase everything)
  • Buying google ads for a fake wallet site
  • Sending emails
  • The site you mentioned seemed designed to lure you in. I think that is were it happened.

Just wanted to link this post from shailrai08 here as cross reference as it contains some good advice:

hi jockecrypto im trying to get back to the scammers who steal your avax, to make sure they dont steal assets to anyone else, can i contact you even privatly to get to know your scammer’s wallet seed?