Guide to making NFTs in the Avax Wallet Studio

First, create your images and upload them to this site.

they will give you an address. Click on that address.
it will lead you to the image you just uploaded.
right click on the image and it will give you the option to copy the
address. This second address is the real address!!!

secondly, Move some AVAX to the X Chain! You’ll need 0.01 AVAX to create a family/collection and 0.001 AVAX to create an NFT within that collection. So, for instance, to create “Cryptokitties” you’d create a family called “Cryptokitties” and then click on the MINT button to add each individual kitty to your family.

When you mint a NFT, you have to have the url mentioned earlier.
HINT: a google doc url containing your image will NOT work.
Stick to and remember to copy paste the second address, not the first.

Also realize that once minted, you can’t edit this NFT. it’s done and final so make sure this is what you want to do.

The great thing about an AVAX nft: it only costs 4 cents to send it!
Try sending one to your friend!

I did not figure this out by myself, btw. Ponay Avangers provided awesome help.

cheers, helen



Glad to help :slight_smile:

2 remarks :

  • Avax should be on X chain for NFT creation ^^
  • During the processus of NFT creation, there is a preview that will show you the final result :slight_smile:


once i mint the artwork, can i take it off the url site or does it have to stay there forever?

also are the studio generated NFTs something I can send to an ethereum wallet or do they have to have an avalanche wallet?

This kind of NFT is a link to a picture on a centralized server, so it has to stay up to be displayable.

But they are many possibilities with NFT other than this one, you can directly import data / image in the NFT ( Max 1 KB ).

At the moment, only AVAX can be sent on the C Chain => Ethereum Contracts environment.

But there will be lot to come concerning NFT in the future.

Don’t hesitate to discuss more on about this subject.