GenerativeArt Project soon to launch on AVAX


So we’ve all seen the NFT marketplace popping off over in Ethereum land with gas fees exceeding anywhere from $50 to $150 per NFT purchase. We at AVAXBLOBS have been building on L2 technologies for the past year. We’ve tried them all for different things not just NFT’s. XDAI, Solana, AVAX, Polygon and Dfinity… are some of the best we have found. However, out of all of them, AVAX has really stood out to us. Mainly due to it being EVM compatible…

We believe that AVAX has a really good chance at gaining even more attention and use over the next 5 years. But for this to happen, AVAX really needs a community that is as cult like as Ethereums. It needs the fans / cheerleaders. So, we’ve set about creating a small NFT project that we think can contribute towards building this community.

We’ve created 15,000 Generative Art NFT Pixel Blobs. Of which there are 971 different colours and 5 grades of clarity. The aim in general is for users to hunt for RARE AVAXBLOBS. The rarest are generally those without any imperfections of clarity, however there are some exceptions. The NFT’s will be purchasable primarily in AVAX but also made available for users that wish to purchase in ETH. We will have our own marketplace for BLOB trading but also some game contracts in the future that allow BLOBS to battle against one another to increase an XP score.

All in all, we’d love for any AVAX supporters to get involved and help us grow. In return we can offer free BLOB NFT’s and the world of positive energy and passion for AVAX network. We’ve applied for a small grant with AVAX to help us obtain some of the growth we need, but what we really need is people who care about AVAX and want to help us show what AVAX can do for the NFT world. It really is crazy that people are paying $$$$$ in gas to deploy contracts, mint and purchase NFTs. Things need to change!

Please join our social channels and let us know if you want to collaborate in any way. We are very open minded.

P.S We’ve been working in blockchain for over 5 years each. Team of 3. We know what we are doing and we’ve launched top tier products before. This project has some huge potentail. But as my message says above, we can’t do it without you!

Thanks for reading (video showing the AVAXBLOB NFT’s)


Wow this project looks so cool!!! I’m in! Let’s push the AVAX blobs to the sky! :green_circle::red_circle::white_circle::yellow_circle::muscle::eyes::eyes:

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Thank you Jeff! This is the energy we need <3