From Metamask to Avalanche Wallet Error

Hello, I may have made a really bad mistake.

  1. I transferred AVAX from Binance directly to Metamask as BEP20 through C-chain
  2. The amount was not showing in my Metamask, but I found out that I can add the bep20 AVAX token version and here we go, my tokens showed
  3. I realized that to use it I first have to convert it to x-chain so I sent the amount from Metamask to Avalanche Wallet to C-chain address, but although the transaction went through and tokens disappeared from Metamask, it does not show in my Avalanche Wallet.

Any idea what I should do? I sent it to Derived EVM Wallet Address and now I can see that it is not used for receiving funds, so is my AVAX definitely gone?


I guess your tokens are still on BSC but linked to your AVAX Wallet.

First of all, check your Avalanche C chain wallet on if you see the tokens linked to this address.