From Binance to c chaîne avalanche walet

Hello dear friends
I transferred 2.49 avax from Binance but I copied the c chaîne wallet address .
It’s been 2 hours now my avalanche walet is empty
And the transaction was successful
In Binance
Iam new with avalanche and I learned that I need to use x chaîne

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When you mention an ETH format address ( => C chain address for example ) when sending AVAX tokens from Binance, they are actually sent on BSC as BEP20 tokens.

To be sure, we are in this context => Check your c chain address ( => 0x5c … ) on and check that you see AVAX tokens linked to your address.

We will check next steps when this point is validated.


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Thank you very much for you reply I really appreciate it.
I just checked the link you send me and there is 2.49 avax token linked to my address


-Use the 24 seeds words of your Avalanche wallet to import it in Metamask

-Add custom BSC RPC for your C chain address ( => 0x5c … ) in Metamask.


-Add custom token to see your BEP-20 format AVAX

Avax contract on BSC " 0x1ce0c2827e2ef14d5c4f29a091d735a204794041 "

-Get some BNB on your metamask address ( => 0x5c … ) ( BSC chain )

-Transfer the AVAX back to Binance

Check AVAX deposit and choose BEP20 ( BSC ) in Binance
It will mention an ETH like format address to deposit your AVAX back on Binance

DO IT WITH A SMALL AMOUNT ( like 0,1 for first transaction ), to be sure everything is working

If ok do it with all amount otherwise revert back to me :slight_smile:

If you are lost in the different step, you can contact me on telegram directly =>


Hello sorry for late response
Ian actually stuck in importing account to my MetaMask wallet .
When I use importe account in MetaMask they are not asking me for seed words but for the private key, and I looked everywhere I have no idea where to find it
Thank you a lot for you help and patience


I would advise you as it is a temporary intervention to do it in another browser.

In this other browser, install metamask, then add your account.


i also transferred to c chain from my binance accont & now the funds are not showing in avax wallet. I tried following your steps but i think im missing some steps please help me or send me tutorial on my telegram, i have messaged you there. Thank You Waiting for reply.