Failed AVAX transaction on AVAX C chain but didnt get the funds back

Hi Guys,

Mistakenly I sent some AVAX from my binance wallet to a trader joe axax swapping smart contract.

The transaction says failed and cancelled on but I havent received my tokens back.

Could anyone please help me whta to do here ?

Below is my transaction on snowtrace

Many Thanks.

I think your best bet is to ask binance.

Next time sent to metamask first before trying to trade.
And it can also help to test with small(er) amounts first

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Yes thank you I contacted Binance they resolved the issue.

I think this happened because when I did the swap on traderjoe it copied some address in my clipboard and i thought and i had already copied my metamask address earlier so i didn’t realise it was replaced by this traderjoe address when i did the withdrawal from binance.

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