Etherscan compatible API

I’ve been trying to play with the Ethereum tooling on AVAX.
I’ve run into one or two places that utilize the etherscan api to download contract information. AFAIK there’s no avax explorers that mimic this api functionality. Am I wrong or are there any explorers planning on implementing this at all?

Do you mean APIs for X-Chain or C-Chain?

For X-Chain, we (Avascan) have those:

C- and P-Chain support will come soon.

I don’t know if our C-Chain explorer actually implements the Etherscan API, but it has a similar structure. You can definitely pull code from it graphically (and maybe with an html scraper). There is also a GraphQL endpoint. I’ve also been working on trying to integrate with TheGraph’s subgraph API, so that’s a possibility in the near future as well.

One use-case I was specifically looking at when I wrote this was through brownie Contract.from_explorer - I’ve not played with the avascan api yet but i’m sure i will. I was just looking at it from a compatibility with existing tooling point of view.