Error during P chain to X chain transfer

I have a problem. I tried to transfer coins from P-Chain to X-Chain. At first it seemed like it was working, the export was shown as successfull. But the import failed. I tried to use the Advanced option buy clicking on Import X, but I got the message “Nothing to import”.
I tried to log out and log in again and now there is shown a succesfull export from the P- Chain, but there is nothing arrived on the X-Chain. What can I do now?
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It is a global issue, DEVs are aware about API slowness with crosschain and balance.
However, funds are safe and will displayed correctly as soon as everything will be back to normal.

I will come back on forum to inform you :slight_smile:


Thank you! :slight_smile:
Now i feel a little better.

Having the same problem, thanks Ponay I was almost breaking down here.

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The requested amount has now been withdrawn from the P-Chain. But until now it doesnt appear on my X-Chain. Therefore I used the advanced option to complete the transfer, a successfull import was indicated. But until now there is nothing shown on my X-Wallet. So I have to wait.
If I want to send AVAX from the wallet to an exchange like Binance or Pitpanda, I have to send it from P-Chain to X-Chain, is that correct?

Right from P to X :slight_smile: