Error during P chain to X chain transfer. AVAX missing, Help!

Hey all. I did a transfer using the wallet from the P to X chains using the Cross Chain tab. I was given an error and upon refresh the balance is now missing from both by total balance and the P chain balance.

I can see the TX in the sidebar where there’s usually two listed, one for import and one for export. Only the export is visible but it says success. Where is this sitting, how can I redeem it? The balance was well under (25+) the max available on the P chain so it should not have failed.

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When you mention E chain => you mean X chain right ?

In the advanced part of the wallet, there is a " force import " in case funds are stuck, you can try this option.

If you tried to cross from P -> X, you might click on Import X
Then, try to refresh balance again.

By the way, there isn’t any max available amount on P chain.


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Thanks. This worked. Are you with the Avalabs team? I’d be happy to have a few discussions on the side about UI/UX here. Much appreciated though <3

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I am just a member of the community ahah ^^

If it is related to wallet improvements, there is a thread already opened. :slight_smile:

If it is related to something else, you can either open a thread, or come to discuss on telegram :slight_smile:

Thanks for the TG link. I can chime in over on the other thread, but damn is that not intuitive. Thanks for the explainer. To think that the top line balance doesn’t upload ether way though (a stuck tx should either be in one wallet or in another. Removing it altogether from balances is going to cause a lot of people stress) should be a priority fix regardless. Thanks once more.

I’ve had a similar problem. Crossing from X chain to P Chain. Normal process carried out - export completed succesfully (green tick) but on import it got hung up and then I got a “dropped” message from it (red cross). Funds are missing. Went to advanced as you suggest, clicked on “import P” and got a message saying “import successful” with a code, or TX Id, but I still can’t see the funds available on the P-chain. Are my avax safu??
Edit - you can delete this - it worked it just took some time. Thanks.

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Wallets API are a bit slowed today :slight_smile:

Just to reconfirm - Im still waiting for this to turn up. It did appear for a minute or two in my wallet but its now gone missing again. Ill try and be patient but is there a contact email for Avalanche labs to help fix this?

It is a global issue, they are aware about API slowness with crosschain and balance.
However, funds are safe and will displayed correctly as soon as everything will be back to normal.

I will come back on forum to inform you :slight_smile:

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Many thanks for your help and reassurance Ponay_Avangers. Teething problems caused by an influx of users/capital is not a bad thing I guess!

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Hello and sorry to hijack this thread. I am having a similar issue, after pressing the Import P button under Advanced, the import transaction was finalized successfully and can be located in the explorer. However, 30 minutes later, the funds are still not showing under my wallet balance.

I saw there is an issue currently with the wallet API, should I wait a bit more or is there a reason to worry. I used the wallet interface to make the transfer.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Attaching the txid received from pressing Import P

UPDATE: Funds are now appearing as expected, please ignore this post

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Glad, things are coming back to normal :slight_smile: