Effect of porting Ethereum projects to Avalanch

As a non-programmer I’m wondering what the effects are on scalability of porting a project from Ethereum to Avalanch. If, for example the Ethereum project, Synthetix, ported itself to run on an EVM subnet (making sense? non programmer here), does it gain the scalability of Avalanch, or is it still hamstrung by Ethereum scalability issues? In which case, why would projects port themselves over if its just as bad over here?


Edit (I am doing lots of reading and updating my questions as I go). Currently it seems from my research that they do indeed gain the incredible scalability of Avalanch, so that is great (correct me if I am wrong).

However a new issue has cropped up. From this article:

It explains that Avalanch has a weaker security model than its competitors (namely Polkadot and Cosmos). So does this mean that a ported-in Ethereum app (such as Synthetix for instance) loses the security of Ethereum and has to deal with its own security? If so, how does it go about this? Does it have to pay to validate its own subnet, or can it share it for free with the rest of Avalanch? Why would a project not do this by default? Why ever pay for your own security if it can be shared with the network?

Another way of wording my question. If a as an AVAX holder I click “validate” in the wallet, am I validating private Blockchains as well? (basically need to understand that private blockchains/subnets dont have to pay for their own validation as this would be a major barrier to entry like seems to be the case with Polkadot parachain auctions for instance).

Thanks again (apologies for changing my question). I am learning lots. Thanks!

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Yes, a project ported over from Avalanche would indeed benefit in terms of scalability.

As far as security is concerned, if the project is deployed on the Primary Network (so, for a Solidity project, on C-Chain) it is protected by the whole network and has the same security assurances the whole network guarantees.

Only if you want to deploy a separate permissionless blockchain you need to worry about securing the chain yourself. For a majority existing projects, that would not be necessary.

I read somewhere that having shared security (like Polkadot) is also an option in Avalanche, depending on what the subnet wants. Is this the case?