E-mail list for Validators about important updates

I suggested this in the Discord and wanted to add this to the discussion here.
The latest upgrade came with a 2 day warning, and I almost missed the information which would have rendered my node obsolete. Could AVA Labs set up a mailing list or some way for Validators to be notified when an important upgrade is out for our nodes? E-Mail might not be the perfect way to send this information, but perhaps a specific Discord channel just for upgrades might work too?


My guess is for those who want to maintain anonymity it might be best to Follow the Ava Labs medium channel and subscribe to email updates from there

Yeah, that’s the problem I suppose.
The issue with subscribing to Medium articles and #Announcement channels is that they are filled with a million other bits of news. Breaking upgrade issues are important to get information about, and I’m sure most of us don’t have time to read every AVA announcement that’s made in those information channels.

There is already a way;

“Watch” this repository. Select only Custom > Releases.

The mail also includes release notes, so we know if it is an urgent upgrade.

(The mail arrives when the source code is released. The binaries are added a few hours later.)


I would recommend signing up for this email list. We send only Release Updates.