Dx (Distributed Exchange) Design proposal


Hello! I wanted to share with the AVAX community a possible application for the novel “Hybrid-Line-Bus” on EVM blockchains. It is a “distributed exchange” this differs greatly from a DEX or Decentralized exchange.

You can find complete details of this in my article here.

But in summary I outline the differences between a “DEX” and a “Dx”.
I explain the general functions of a DEX as involving;

  • Price
  • Fees

The problems with DEXs as;

  • Faulty contract code
  • Concentration of liquidity
  • Staking

To introduce the Dx; it is a distributed network operating off-chain which uses a simple smart contract escrow. It has (5) distinct properties;

  • Peer Trading
  • Trade Rewards
  • Burning
  • Smart Contract Escrows
  • Hybrid Network

Instead of swaps being executed by a smart contract, you have a distributed network connecting traders with users, enabling quick escrows of tokens along with network side rewards that are managed by the scalable consensus stack of the network. The supply of the reward token is also controlled through means explained in the article.

Reasons you might want to do this;

  1. Saves Gas
  2. No need for raising liquidity
  3. No points of weakness like a DAO or Owner keys
  4. Can trade any token from any DEX
  5. EVM bloat
  6. No more approval hacks
  7. No more liquidity locking
  8. No pump and dump schemes
  9. No impermanent loss


In realizing the Dx I need assistance, I need a few socket programmers (preferably C++ and Javascript) to help implement it. Payment will be possible through sales of NFTs called “Pengs” or “Pengs In Unusual Places”, these NFTs are deployed on AVAX C-Chain, details can be found here : Peng NFT : Overview. There are a total of 1000 Peng NFTs and… | by Elix Exo | Medium.

However, if you also have some critique I’d love to hear it, any and all comments on the system will be taken into consideration.