Digital Collectibles / NFT Subnet

There has recently been talk about creating a Custom Virtual Machine subnet tailored for Digital Collectibles and native royalties. As a soon to debut Generative Artist, I am really excited about the concept and plan to leverage my work in support of that vision.

I would love to understand and discuss what aspects are important for a subnet to provide a scalable home to NFTs. This forum can become a central place to openly discuss and refine the needs of a subnet as it develops.

One of the identified aspects which can be discussed more is the storage of metadata. Currently, there are mixed methods between pointing at ones own centralized website for assets, pinning on IPFS, using Arweave or encoding everything as an on-chain script. It would seem providing some mechanisms to support storage of assets is a necessary consideration.

Another aspect that has been identified in prior conversations is royalties. What would a native layer to support royalties in a subnet look like?

A final aspect that is more relevant for algorithmic art is a means of computation. Programmatic art may need additional resources for rendering, so providing a mechanism to support this may be beneficial.

I look forward to discussing more and honing into some of the most important aspects.

Quick examples of Generative Art I own on Avalanche and Ethereum.


For storage of metadata check out the SpacesVM. Authenticated, Hierarchical Key-Value Store w/EIP-712 Compatibility, State Expiry, and Fee-Based Metering. You can try it out here:


Hi abominablesasquatch,

I like this idea. As a first step, would it interest you if someone launched a subnet that’s main feature was to enforce NFT royalties? IE- exchanges that launch an NFT marketplace on the chain would have no way to zero out royalties. Would that be enough of a draw for you to entrust your work to the subnet?

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