Did i get hacked or can someone tell me whats going on

hey so i just got done staking on avax 12/29/2021 at 5:48:19 pm and it shows my reward and then total received which was 26.431886329 so i knew it was going to be done staking around this time so i just went into my wallet to restake it and there were three new transactions first one being Export [p] for 26.431886329 then the next transaction being import [x] 26.431886329 then the last transaction being sent to this wallet address avax1kmqndemj5tnecdxch36sfck3t2dvgwnqflv8vp which i did not do any of those three transactions anyone know whats going on here or does it take a little while to see the balance in my wallet after staking cause my wallet now shows 0 avax worried i got hacked or somthing here please give me some suggestions or answers

If you didn’t do those transactions somebody else did.
I am sorry to say, but it is likely you got scammed.

Does this thread sound familiar to you?

yeah my wallet had no previous transaction history on it and i had successfully staked and then restaked for the second time then soon as it was done poof and the person or bot that did it was fast cause i pretty much got on my computer as soon as it was done staking to restake it and those three transactions i didn’t make were there

If you didn’t initiate those transactions somebody else did, which means they got into your wallet.

Either they somehow stole your seed (maybe your computer is compromised and has a keylogger?)

Or they tricked you into useing a fake wallet when you generated the seed.

Or they got your seed when they tricked you to login with it at a fake wallet.

So yes, I think you were probably hacked or scammed. Not sure how. Those coins are probably lost. Don’t use that wallet seed ever again to put money in as somebody else has access.

If you want to try again in the future a hardware wallet like a trezor would improve your security (with a new seed generated by the device)