Dapp to create coupons or loyalty points for a small business?

I think there’s a pretty good opportunity in creating coupons and loyalty points for businesses. Only avalanche has enough throughput and low enough fees to support that use case (with all of the tokens still ethereum compatible).

In other words, I want to make it easy for a coffee cart to issue “buy ten espressos get one free” tokens. A user collects ten espresso tokens from the cart and can exchange it for a real espresso. Or, the user can gift an espresso to another user.

Are there any similar ethereum apps that I can port? Or perhaps these don’t exist because the fees are too high.

It would be fun to make a few open source dapps that make this easy.

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Unaware of other Ethereum apps, but this is a concept we have been working on.

Where are you based?

I’m in NYC, but presumably it’s an idea relevant globally :slight_smile:

Are you making something closed source or open source? Any more info you can share?

There will probably be several players in this space. I’m partial to open source solutions.

We are building local currencies and individual currencies, and systems to strengthen communities. I have worked on alternative currencies sporadically since 1999.

These are open platforms, some are open source, some closed. We’re based in Beverly Hills.

As far as coupon incentives, it’s all about execution (obviously) and low level systems.

I’m looking for someone knowledgeable with Avalanche, smart contracts, Avax wallets etc.

Do you have an online presence or more info on the open source projects you are contributing to?