Dapp to Calculate and Report out Crypto Taxes?

Does anyone know of a Dapp that can aggregate and calculate your crypto taxes and then product a downloadable file of all your transactions?

For example, you swap tokens on a DEX, stake tokens and earn interest, yield farm etc.
the Dapp would be able to take all of these transactions, calculate your capital gains, and report this out in a downloadable file.

It’s a great Dapp idea. Maybe you could convince http://bitcoin.tax to build it.

Tokentax does this. They are probably the best in the space. Also can try cointracking they are good as well. Generally you will need to manually look through everything and edit it till it looks good then they can give you an accurate tax estimate.

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I’ve been trying to do it with Cointracker. So far I couldn’t get it to work with Avalanche version of Metamask and the avax wallet generally.

Well avalanche uses an HD wallet so each time u use it it generates a jew address while this is safest its a pain for taxes. You will have to manually input your transactions or if they support adding an avax wallet add all generated and used wallets.