Custom blockchain interaction


I’m a trying to understand how the timestamp blockchain example works. So say I deployed my custom VM with the block producing code and exposed an API for users to call (proposeBlock). How are validators incentivized to process such a block? How are transaction fees handled here? As far as I understand, the user does not need to pay anything to propose a block. If so, how would fees be implemented in such a case? Lastly, all the transactions in the custom VM are exempt from paying AVAX fees, right?

Also, with respect to how the API calls are handled. I thought that I would have to call the proposeBlock API from my “wallet” and sign the “tx” . However, in the example I see that pretty much anyone can call the API method.

Thank you for your help!

The timestamp VM is just an example of how somebody would implement a VM. So the Timestamp VM doesn’t worry about incentivizing validators to process blocks, transaction fees, etc.

Custom VMs can implement their own logic to handle transaction fees and incentivizing validators, which allows implementers to design their own economic model for their chain.