Cross chain transfer problems (X to C)

Hi Everybody, I need some help and advice. 2 hours ago I did do a cross chain transfer from X to C chain on Avalanche Wallet: Store Your Avalanche Assets I have done this many times before without encountering any problems. This time however, the coins are shown as exported from X-chain, but they never appeared on the C-chain. I have to admit, I am a getting a bit anxious. Any suggestions? Thanks, Nik

PS: After some poking in the explorer it seems that the coins are in the XC shared memory. How do I get them out of there?

Just to confirm that the issue rectified itself somehow 12 hours later. I did write to the support e-mail address, but I am not sure whether it was a result of the active intervention by them or the cogs of the smart contracts got working again. :grinning:

So to anyone who is reading this, just wait! After 2 hrs I received my C. So just be patient and wait! :smiley: