Cross-Chain Communication in Avalanche

The Cosmos ecosystem has a standard for cross-chain communication: IBC - Inter-Blockchain Communication.

This is allows all zones to talk to each other through a singular protocol standard, without having to implement a multitude of ad-hoc integration solutions.

What design principles in Avalanche allow communication across chains? Does Avalanche have a common specification for cross-chain communication?

Hypothetically, in future if you did have another chain based on say Move, would it be possible for this new M-Chain to communicate with the C-Chain through such a standard protocol?

For reference:
Jacob Phillips on Twitter: “IBC is about to go live in a matter of hours :eyes: A huge moment for @cosmos. . . but also perhaps a big moment for the whole crypto ecosystem — this launch lays the foundation for what could become an ecosystem-wide standard for inter-blockchain communication. (…)” / Twitter