Creating more nodes in the Local Test Network

In the local test network implementation, the avalanche has only 5 nodes. I am trying to increase the number of nodes but seems like I need staker.key and .cert. However I dont know how to create those files. Did you added new nodes on the local testnet?

I used the below changes of the code as per the tutorial link. The totorial says, You can add more nodes to the network. Just remember to give unique values for db-dir, http-port , and staking-port. But I think I need to create new staker.crt and staker.key on top of the changing command.

./build/avalanchego --public-ip= --snow-sample-size=2 --snow-quorum-size=2 --http-port=9662 --staking-port=9663 --db-dir=db/node6 --staking-enabled=true --network-id=local --bootstrap-ips= --staking-tls-cert-file=$(pwd)/staking/local/staker1.crt --staking-tls-key-file=$(pwd)/staking/local/staker1.key

Thanks in advance. Any idea how to do that?Preformatted text