Creating a Fork of the Mainnet - Cchain

Working on a new product to interact with other smart contracts. However, I am unclear how to run a fork of the mainnet. It doesn’t seem there is an infura like service currently for AVAX (if there is please point me at it), thus I figure I need to run a node of my own. How would I go about forking the network at that point to test some of my contracts on the current ecosystem. Fuji is not sufficient at the moment because things are not all deployed on the testnets first.

I know in ganache, they had the ability to include a fork flag. Any help and direction would be appreciated.

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my fork works well,

you have to edit these configs
you have 2 different builds, in your first node ,your fork’s beacon must be empty beacons.go
the other ones should include your first server’s ip