Claiming Pangolin Tokens

Hi Everyone, Is anyone experiencing issues with claiming Pangolin tokens? I have held both UNI and SUSHI since before last December, however, whenever I check to see what my entitlement is from the airdrop tab on Pangolin, it states I have none. Just wondered whether anyone is having the same issue. Thank you.


When you check by mentioning your address directly in the contract ( last line and click on query ), does it also mention 0?

Where were stored your tokens on 7/12?
In your wallet, an exchange, a pool?


Hi, yes, I receive a value of 0. My tokens have been in my Metamask eth address and I have had them since before Dec. I did question whether it might have something to do with me staking them (non-custodial), so I tried also by exchanging 1 Sushi with Pangolin but that did not work either.

Can you contact me on telegram ?

Just to let you know that I have been able to claim my PNG tokens. It took a couple of days as the transaction kept going into the ‘pending’ status, however, I persevered, updated my settings and all is well. I am planning on holding my PNG tokens. Thanks again.

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