Choosing a validator for delegation

  1. What are the important characteristics to look out for when choosing which validator to delegate to?

  2. Is all the information I need in order to choose available in


You need to check the % fees requested by the validator => from 2% to 100%. For you, it is more interesting, the lower it is. => ( 2, 5 or max 10 )

You need to check the validator uptime % => the higher it is, the best it is. ( Please note that a node with 95% or 100% uptime = the same amount of rewards )

You need to check the validator end time => if you want to delegate for 1 month but the validation ends in 2 weeks, it won’t be possible, you can’t delegate for a longer period than the validator end time.

You can check the number of others delegators already staking on a node for the confidence.

If you want to meet people who operate some nodes, you can join us on " ".

Everything mentioned above is displayed in the wallet.


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