Category for Defi dapps

Can I suggest a category for Defi dapps?

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Sure! What’s the suggestion?

The suggestion is to create a category called defi dapps. You don’t have one on the forum. You only have for general, or community. Nothing for discussion of defi dapps.

Sorry I am new to this forum but have an idea regarding a dApp.
As yield farming aggregators have become prevalent in the DeFi space over the past year, I wondered if there are any applications in progress similar to Aave or the likes of
In particular, an aggregator such as would be imperative to the AVAX blockchain. It would allow users to reallocate their funds on the network at low risk by farming the native dApp token by simply inserting a stable coin. As we all know, the ETH network is extremely congested and creates problems for users wanting to participate in an application like this unless they have an enormous amount of capital to sustain fees. Something built and integrated like this within the AVAX blockchain would undoubtedly bring a lot of value, but most importantly, allow ALL individuals to participate more fairly and less laboriously in yield farming/staking.

There are several coming which are discussed in the Avax blog on medium. Did you read that? The only one that I know of which is live now is Pangolin, similar to Uniswap liquidity pools.

Created one for “Dapps.” If a lot of people start using it, we’ll start separating it based on sectors within each dapp based on popularity :slight_smile:

Thanks. I’ll check it out. I suspect that it will be a popular category, since a lot of people are interested in defi dapps, and there are a lot of new ones coming.