Can't Withdraw From AVAX Wallet!

I’m wanting to sell my AVAX but I can’t get AVAX out of my wallet. I’m trying to transfer from AVAX wallet to

If I try this on my iPhone in a chrome browser I actually get an error code.

Error: Error returned: {“jsonrpc”:“2.0”,“error”:{“code”:-32000,“message”:“missing utxo”,“data”:null},“id”:12}

Any suggestions here?

I’m guessing this is due to Cross Chain being down. Maybe if we’re transferring from wallet(X) to, then the system has to trasnfer Cross Chain to Contract first and Cross Chain is down.

You had one job.

I want out of AVAX altogether but I’m stuck not being able to access any of me funds.

Can we submit a request somewhere on your team to transfer all funds out of my wallet? I hate the feeling of being stuck and AVAX has already dropped $10 from when I wanted to sell. Surely there are ways around us waiting for a bug fix to access our money. Do you have an eta?

We’re all getting out of this mess. I’ve lost 50k since my avax got stuck at 3pm est yesterday.

I’m sorry. :-1:t4:

Also I have to type 20 characters to post so there.

Do we have an ETA @Ponay_Avangers @jpop?

The team is ready with the fix, and will attempt to bring the network back to a healthy state. The bug was in the glue code between Ethereum VM and Avalanche network that put the network in a faulty state. It was not a fundamental error with design, protocol or anything like that. All the funds and state is preserved and safe.

ETA to recovery still not available, we’ll keep you updated. Things need to be triple checked before we proceed.

A fully detailed post mortem with all the gory details will be available once the seas are calm and everyone well and rested.

@Cgo72123 curious, is your wallet balance correct?

I think were on slightly different boats. My funds left my wallet at 3pm est yesterday but have yet to arrive at destination

I see. Damn.

Is up for you now? It’s still down for me.

I want out!!! Let me go.