Can't see AB bridged AVAX in Metamask

Hi There,

Apologies for noob status… I connected Metamask to Avalanche Bridge, converted ETH to WETH, received WETH. I added Avalanche network to Metamask as a custom RPC. Since I bridged more than 75 AVAX, I received the 0.1 AVAX and it shows up in Metamask on the Avalanche network. But I cannot seem to figure out how to see the AVAX that was supposedly bridged… I would assume that is should also show up on the Avalanche network. Or does the bridge convert WETH to WAVAX and it should show as a custom token on the Ethereum mainet?

You did’t swap (w)eth for avax, but you bridged weth (on ethereum) to WETH.e (erc20 token) on the avalanche side. If you don’t see it you need to add the token to metamask.

Next you will likely want to swap some of that WETH.e to avax so you don’t run out of avax to pay for fees. You can do that at an dex like pangolin

I had trouble adding weth.e to metamask ( maybe there is an issue.) I started without a avalance wallet ( maybe not he smartest move. When I went to Pangolin to connect metamask (avax) it showed up there and i swapped my weth.e for AVAX ( my plan anyway). Could not find a way to display weth.e in metamask at the moment.

Also, I had trouble importing my avax wallet into metamask ( but thats for another night cause i was super stressed about not seeing my weth in my wallet, lol)

  • edit - after the swap went through on pangolin weth.e showed up in metamask ( as a 0 balance of course but it did show in the asset )