Cant query fuji x chain

I started a node on fuji x- chain. like so

./avalanchego-/build/avalanchego --network-id=fuji

This synced and now if i check info.isBootstrapped. The api returns true

I then created a keystore user and then an address.

I have then tried to send some funds via faucet to the address which show up

But when i query the balance of the same adress via my node. I get a balance of zero instead of 4
Here is my query
curl -X POST --data ‘{
“id” :3,
“method” :“avm.getBalance”,
“params” :{
“assetID” :“AVAX”
}’ -H ‘content-type:application/json;’

sorry for a completely noob question, please pardon my ignorance

Start the Node like so

/wokspace/build avalanchego /build/avalanchego --network-id=fuji --http-host

And it will work